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Proaris-A.R.M. has been developed to satisfy the needs of the IT, IS Managers concerned in managing all the human and material resources around the system applications of their Organizations.

No other Product allows on-line Administration, Inventory and Application Documentation, Service Order and Project Management (IT Projects and Generic Projects), Workload Distribution Monitoring, Activity Assignment, Planning and Controlling Projects, Service Evaluation, all this integrated into ONE Software Product, based on a repository that holds all the detail and characteristics of the system applications and people involved in their operation.

When using Proaris-A.R.M. the IT, IS Managers will have the necessary indicators to planify their function, optimize resources, obtain greater productivity, control project costs, reduce the cost of application maintenance and improve the service quality of his area.

Proaris-A.R.M. is an intuitive software, configurable, that allows the integration of all those involved in the information cycle (M.I.S., Project Managers, Service Order Responsibles, Subactivity Responsibles, Operations and End Users) optimizing their time and their function.

Project Managers, leaders and participants can manage their projects through gantt charts ... (Click to see screen in normal scale)Proaris-A.R.M. is developed under Client-Server architecture, designed so the users with a single mouse click can navigate and drill down through the different levels of information, in text and graphic format.

Proaris-A.R.M. also protects the information of your Organization's applications through three levels of security: user, form and content, allowing this a customizable working enviroment.

Key Benefits

  • Ease of use
  • Cost Optimization
  • Productivity
  • Standard Documentation
  • Integration
  • Knowledge Standardization
  • Evolution
  • Scalability
  • Training
  • Support
  • Manage Service Orders, Projects, Applications and its Resources (Human and Material) with a click of a button
  • Optimizes the man-hour investment (specialists, users, operations, MIS) by minimizing design and communication errors, thus allowing the service cost to be reduced considerably
  • Improves the Productivity of the Organization's IT-IS area and all those involved in the information process, allows Workload balancing and tighter IT-IS Project Management, enhances service quality and promptness
  • Applications are documented through built-in standard forms, allows control of the level of documentation by presenting at any moment its reliability factor
  • Eliminates the gap between Service Orders, Projects, Workload, Cost, Documentation, Knowledge and all those involved (in-house and out-source)
  • Every event (Service Orders) in the Information Process nourishes the Proaris Knowledge base automatically, thus allowing the separation of specific knowledge and application components, allowing this knowledge to be available to everyone in the organization
  • Proaris evolves in symbiotic relation with the Organization integrating all the elements that are involved in the Information cycle
  • The MIS can define the penetration of Proaris in the Organization, starting from one PC to a corporate network, controlling how many users can participate and to how many features they can access
  • Proaris training courses are practical, straightforward and participant focused
  • Periodic upgrading and updates are included in Annual Service Contracts

System Requirements

Proaris has been designed to run on a Windows Platform, the exact hardware and software requirements will depend on the version of Windows selected for a specific machine. We have outlined a general guide on this issue.

Proaris System Requirements


Proaris is supported through many different training programs, from the technical to the conceptual helping MIS managers through the implementation phase.

Proaris Training

More Information

If you would like more information of the Proaris family of products, please fill out the form below.

Information Request

If you are interested in a demonstration of any of our products, you can download them from our ftp download page:


Or, if you prefer write us an E-mail message or regular mail and we will respond as soon as possible.

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